Battle On To Defeat Cancer




In this journey of life, no one knows our story but God. I have been blessed to serve humanity since I was a young child at the age twelve. While growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I would visit the nursing homes and sing Christmas songs to the elders with a warm smile on my face. My father and mother always made sure church was first and foremost; now I see it more than ever.

While sitting at the cancer center I see so many people that are experiencing the same affects I feel. So many are tired and weak and just appear to be giving up. I have been inspired by God to write this book to give hope to those that share the same health concerns such as myself.

Please consider ordering multiple copies of this book to share with your friends, family members, cancer fighters and caregivers, too. When you buy two copies (or more) we sill ship the additional copies to the recipients of your choice. Just enter the additional addresses at checkout!


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