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Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to model faith, love, acts of kindness and serving as an inspiration of hope. My goal is to be a trustworthy friend to cancer patients and their caregivers. My heart's desire is to do God's Will while I live uplifting those who are going through the health challenges of this life. The goal of this mission is to enhance the longevity of one's life through prater and positive mind engineering. The mission is to get people to understand that God can do miracles in their lives when some may have given up on them.


The mission is to employ one's faith in God that will allow them to think positive. In the fight against cancer a person must have a kingdom mind to overcome negative thoughts about dying because of this disease. I will acknowledge from the biblical perspective in the book of Hebrews 11:1, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen." The patient and caregiver should remember the words from the book of Jeremiah 29:11, "I know the plans I have for you... plans to prosper you and not to harm you: plans to give your hope and a future."

Love - Acts of Kindness

The mission is to demonstrate God's agape love for all of us. We must be a light that reflects the love of God and his caring kindness for all of us. The mission is to listen and have a heart of unconditional love for those that are hurting. Our purpose is to send balloons, or give gifts that will touch the hearts of caregivers and cancer patients. The thrust is positive thinking and primarily putting smiles once again on faces that have shed many tears.


My goal is to be an inspiration of positive change in a person's life. I will use myself as one with cancer in the liver, colon, and stomach as a template of hope while going through stage four in all the locations. I want to serve as a beacon of light to inspire others that we can overcome this disease, however, it must commence with positive thinking. The mission is to fill in the hgap with faith, love ,kindness and the blessed hope when one is feeling left alone to die, we want to give them reasons to live.

Pastor Aaron Wheeler Sr.

My first piece of mail in life was in 1955 while my mother was ironing, the radio broadcast noted that an evangelist by the name of Rev. Billy Graham would send you a bible if you wrote to him in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was only eight years old and I asked my dear sweet mother to write for me to get a bible. Wow! My first piece of mail with my name on it was a bible. (Basic instructions before leaving earth.) God put in my hand what he wanted me to do in life. My friends, I have been a social worker for Christ all my life. I am so blessed today to have blessed friends and family and now being a grandpa along with a beautiful wife that has been my angel.

Life is like a river with many turns and you just have to follow the flow of the water. On October 24th, I checked into the hospital after feeling very tired only to learn that I had cancer of the colon. The doctors informed me of a large mass and that surgery was needed immediately. The very next day they informed me the cancer had spread to both sides of my liver. Two weeks later there was yet another location in my lower abdomen. I then learned that my cancer was and is stage four. Most people would be traumatized, but i lifted my faith and said to the doctors, "What God has for me, it is for me."

Today, I struggle in the battle against the giant called cancer, but my faith has never wavered in my trust in God. I have lost 65 pounds and have become weak, yet I battle on. While sitting at the cancer center I see so many people that are experiencing the same affects I feel. So many are tired and weak and just appear to be giving up. In my journey, this is not me. We can beat cancer and my testimony is that God will use me to be a light while in a dark moment. Thank you in advance for your caring hearts.


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